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Cristie Matthews is obsessed with all things related to The Phantom of the Opera. On her once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris, she visits the Palais Garnier to see the play. After the performance, she hides, remaining in the empty building to absorb the history and relive the haunting story once again. Then she sees him! But how can that be? He is a myth, a legend. Or is he?


On vacation in Las Vegas, Kathy goes to see an Elvis impersonator who bears a remarkable resemblance to the King. Could it be that the rumors are true, and that Elvis is still alive? But that was impossible. Elvis would be an old man now, and this man was young and virile.


Cover by Laura Shinn

A woman doesn't find a near-naked man lying on the road every night, and especially not one who looks as good as this one. With a bump on his head and unable to remember much, he definitely needs her help. Sandy already has her own problems – a failing ranch, hands leaving, and a note about to be called in by the bank. But she can't leave the poor man injured and unclothed. Will taking him home prove to be a bad decision on her part? Or could he be her answer to a prayer?